How to Get Rid of Smoke Smell in House

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how to get smoke smell out of house

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One of the most common questions that we get asked by visitors to our site is how to get rid of smoke smell in house hold furniture, clothes, and other items in your home. Anyone who smokes indoors, lives with someone who does, or has moved into a home that had previously been smoked inside of knows exactly how frustrating the odors and stains of tobacco smoke can be.

Why Does the Smoke Smell Linger?

Tobacco smoke – especially from cigarettes and cigars – has the ability to permeate fabrics and become trapped deep within the fibers. This means that the smoke floating around in your home will bind itself to your carpet, furniture, bedding, clothes, and anything else porous in your home. It can even get into the paint on your walls and ceiling.

Removing stubborn smoke smells and stains can be extremely time-consuming, and oftentimes just plain impossible. As a result, the most effective way to keep the smell of smoke out of your house (short of not smoking inside in the first place) is to remove the odor, airborne contaminants, and poisonous gases before they have a chance to settle and attach themselves to your belongings.

There are plenty of air purifiers for smoke that are certified for removing smoke from residential settings and professional office use, including the powerful Alen BreatheSmart, the stylish Rowenta PU6020, and the compact Blueair 203.

how to get smoke smell out of house

How to Get Cigarette Smell Out of House

While these are no doubt the most effective appliances for permanently keeping the smell of cigarette smoke – and its harm by-products – out of your home, there are a few other home remedies which can be used in conjunction with an electric air cleaner for maximum results.

Here are a few of the best home remedies for how to get rid of smoke smell in house hold items and furniture:

Solution #1 – Fill a few small bowls with ammonia or white vinegar and place them in the rooms where the stench of smoke is most pungent. You can also boil some orange peels or lemon rind to help combat the odor further. These two items will assist in nutrilizing the odor in the air by attracting and absorbing the free-floating particles.

Solution #2 – Carpets tend to trap and lock-in more cigarette smell than anything else in a home. As a result, you need to make sure that you’re always cleaning your floors in accordance with the Good Housekeeping standards for total contaminant removal.

Solution #3 – Granulated dry carpet cleaners are typically considered the most effective products at removing embedded smoke odors and stains out of carpets and rugs. Simply spread the cleaner on liberally, let it sit for 15 – 30 minutes so soak in, and then come back and vacuum it up. For an extra boost, use a professional-grade carpet steamer on the room right afterwards.

Solution #4 – Clean the smoke-stained walls and ceilings in your home by gently scrubbing with an all-purpose detergent. You need need to be careful when cleaning your walls, however, as too harsh of a cleaner or too much scrubbing can strip off your paint as well.

Solution #5 – If cleaning your walls just isn’t cutting it, years of smoke and odors may have permeated too far into the paint. Your best choice at this point is to repaint the room using a specially formulated odor-sealing paint or primer.

Solution #6 – The softer and more porous a material is, the deeper that smoke odors and by-products are going to permeate into it. Frequently, items like drapers and pillows cannot be completely cleaned and need to be thrown away and replaced altogether, although so people have reported moderate success having these items professionally dry cleaned.

how to get smoke smell out of house

How to Get Rid of Smoke Smell in House?

While all of these tactics for removing the stains and odors of smoke can be effective on their own, you’ll positively experience the top result when combining them with the best air purifier for smoke for your space needs and budget. Regrettably, there isn’t one single easy way how to get rid of smoke smell in house hold furniture and other items in your home, but with proper care and commitment, you can have your home looking and smelling significantly better in just a couple of days of cleaning and air purification.

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